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Banner Life Insurance Company Review

Banner Life Insurance Company Review

Banner Life is a subsidiary of Legal and General America. An A + rated life insurance company, and has been in existence since 1949.

The Banner Life Insurance gives you competitive rates and subscription options for a variety of health conditions, so it can appeal to those who are not in perfect health.

Banner Life Insurance Instant Quotes
Banner Life Insurance Instant Quotes

Banner Life insurance Review

The company’s life insurance offers some great features like tier premiums, great value for money, the ability to convert term life policies into permanent life insurance, life insurance clauses, and more.

Guaranteed universal life insurance is one of the cheapest way for seniors to get permanent life insurance coverage, as policies generally have little or no cash value component.

Life insurance policies that are available to seniors?

Life insurance. Your designated beneficiaries receive a one-time payment upon your death. This means that your loved ones are financially secure when you are no longer there to support or care for them.

What Life Insurance Options Banner Life Insurance Provide?

Banner Life Insurance Company offers the following types of life insurance:

  • Final expense
  • Term Insurance
  • Universal life

While the company doesn’t offer as many life insurance options as its competitors, Banner Life offers these three types of insurance very well, with a lot of coverage options and very affordable premiums.

Also, if you don’t want full life insurance, but want to make sure your family doesn’t have to pay final expenses (funeral costs, medical bills, or other debts of up to $ 15,000), then Banner Life’s final expenses insurance provides a good option.

Banner Life Insurance Company Review
Banner Life Insurance Company Review

The Legal & General Group is the seventh largest insurance company in the world with more than 10 million policyholders worldwide and more than 1 billion in managed assets. If you are concerned about Banner’s ability to pay claims, you have nothing to worry about.

Final expense Plans:

Banner’s final expense policy is designed to cover the costs of a burial or other end-of-life expenses, but your beneficiaries can spend it on whatever they need. With these final expense policies, you can choose between $ 1,000 and $ 15,000 for the death benefit payment.

Because you must apply between the ages of 50 and 80, Banner’s final expense insurance could be considered a form of senior life insurance. No reason what your age is when you buy a policy, you will pay life insurance premiums up to age 90 and be covered for your entire life.

Seniors Insurance Without Medical Examination

Legal and General America, through Banner Life Insurance Company, does not provide life insurance coverage for medical examinations. With these types of policies, as the name implies, the life insurance policy applicant is not required to undergo a medical examination to qualify for coverage.

This can provide someone with certain health problems get the life insurance protection they still need.

By using the company’s APP celebrate, an applicant for life insurance coverage can qualify for a policy that has coverage between $100,000 and $500,000 without a doctor’s statement or medical examination.

  • Policy type (term or permanent).
  • Policy proceeds amount.
  • Applicant / insured age / date of birth.
  • Applicant’s / insured’s height, weight and other health factors.

These insurance plans are open to applicants who are in their 20s and 50s, and in some cases, a phone interview may be the only underwriting factor to pass.

The cost of these – and any of the – life insurance policies offered through Banner Life Insurance Company will vary, depending on many key factors, such as:

Term Insurance Quotes By Banner Life Insurance Company
Term Insurance Quotes By Banner Life

Term Insurance Quotes

Banner Life’s term life insurance offers flexible and affordable coverage with premiums that are much lower than those of many competitors.Your death benefits range from $ 100,000 to $ 10 million, and you can get a policy for a term of 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years.

The duration of the policy available will depend on your age, with longer-term life policies available to younger clients.With Banner Life, you can also “scale” your term insurance using an attachment.

This means that you can increase your coverage for a short period of time when your needs are highest (for example, if you want additional coverage for your child’s education) and decrease them when you no longer need them.

Universal Life Insurance

Banner Life Universal Life Insurance for Seniors. The life Step UL provides your product for those who need more guarantees in the future.

Designed to be permanent insurance.

It includes a premium option that guarantees that your policy will be valid for up to 121 years.

For Universal Life Insurance, you can also take a short payment option where you can pay the policy before retirement that will also guarantee coverage for life.

The minimum coverage of $ 50,000 is less than most insurers. This is a great feature for those who need a smaller guideline. Most operators start at $ 100,000.

Guaranteed Universal Life Policy (GUL)

This is a great feature of Banner. Its less nominal amount of $ 50,000 Guaranteed universal life policy. Many people don’t need great GUL policies and this policy fits very well.

The benefit amount never decreases and offsets the premiums for life. Very affordable permanent policy without expiration with a guarantee of up to 121 years.

Main features of Banner’s life insurance policy:

Waiver of Premium: If you are seriously ill, seriously injured or disabled, your family will be protected. All your premiums due will be voided by proof. Your total premiums due will be waived by demonstrating total disability.

Flexible payment program: You choose how you want to pay your premiums: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Since the premiums are usually calculated annually, paying the premiums more frequently results in higher costs.

Policy Conversion: As you choose term life insurance, you can convert your policy into universal life insurance as long as it is within the guaranteed level premium period or up to the age of 70.

Expedited Death Benefit Addendum – This addendum gives you access to your death benefit in the event of a terminal illness. The maximum death benefit amount that qualifies for accelerated access is $ 500,000, or 75% of the policy’s primary death benefit.

Kid Rider: Banner Life insurance company allows you to cover all eligible kids until they turn 25 or turn 65, whichever comes first.
Disability Income Rider – This rider waives premiums if he becomes totally disabled as a result of a qualifying event.

Cheap Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies are issued up to age 80 and can be renewed annually up to age 94 with coverage starting at $100,000. Lifetime policies are available to applicants up to age 85 with coverage options from $2,000 to $25,000.

The term life insurance option with AARP level benefits is extremely expensive. Basically, your death benefit or cash value stays the same as your premium rates go up. Again, keep in mind that AARP’s term life insurance rates tend to be higher than other companies. It is worth doing your due diligence.

According to the insurer, Term life insurance is ideal for:

  • Young adults who want to send their children to college
  • People with a mortgage or other debt
  • Those who want to replace their income with a surviving spouse
  • Also if want the most affordable life insurance option, and more value for their money

The Pro’s of Banner Life Insurance Co.

If you’re in less than perfect health, Banner is most likely a top choice for you. That is, if you are looking for “cheap” or low-cost life insurance anyway.

Banner Life Term Life Insurance Summary:

  • Affordable, tier bonuses (from $ 7 a month).
  • Coverage for a specific period of time.
  • Flexible policy: choose the term and death benefit to meet the needs of your family.
  • Access to the terminal illness benefit.
  • Simple and easy to understand.
  • You can easily access your policy online.

Banner Life has a history of being very competitive or on top for people who fall into the standard and table rate (risk) classes. the company continues to have a flexible subscription and great prices for those in less than perfect health.

If you live with sleep apnea, diabetes as examples, we generally see favorable results for our clients and Banner. If you suffer with AFib, you will find that Banner is also very liberal for that.

Banner Insurance Company Phone Number

You can contact Customer Service at Banner Life at (800) 638-8428 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m. ITS T. You can also email them at Learn more about legal and general insurance.

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