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Brighthouse Life Insurance Review | Investment

Brighthouse Life Insurance Review

Valuation metrics show that Brighthouse Financial, Inc. may be undervalued. For you A value score indicates that it would be a good choice for value investors.

BHF’s financial health and growth prospects demonstrate its potential to underperform.

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Life Insurance Brighthouse Review

Brighthouse is a reliable choice for life insurance if you are looking for term or universal coverage.

It has competitive pricing and comprehensive plans, but you can find more flexible policies with another company. It also only offers high dollar policy amounts.

What Types of Life Insurance Coverage Does Brighthouse offer?

Our Company offer a combination of temporary and permanent policies. Each of the policy pays a one-time premium of $100,000 ($200,000 combined with State Life) and is expected to require LTC in 25 years till the age of 80 because BrightHouse insurance has not collapsed and has been operating normally.

Brighthouse Life Insurance
Brighthouse Life Insurance

There is no official policy on how to move on to the assets that you still owe money on. “If you bought goods and didn’t pay for them, you shouldn’t have returned them, as long as you keep the payments,” said Martyn James of Resolver.

Term of Life Insurance

Brighthouse’s guaranteed term is your most affordable plan, providing coverage for 1, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years with tier premiums that will not increase for the duration of your term.

The coverage starts at a high million US dollars and can be converted into a permanent policy before a certain period of time.

Universal Life Insurance

The Brighthouse Premier Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL) is a permanent policy that generates cash value over time and offers flexible premiums and death benefits

Hybrid Life Insurance

Brighthouse’s Smart care product combines indexed universal life insurance and a long-term care (LTC) policy.

Just like your PAUL policy, this hybrid policy offers your relatives a death benefit and offers you long-term care if required.

This policy allows you to link them to an index or indexes to potentially increase your LTC profits and protect yourself from recessions in the market.

Pros and cons of Brighthouse Financial


  • Quick subscription for healthy applicants: Young, healthy applicants without medical warning signs may qualify for the Brighthouse life insurance fast subscription.
  • Online applications: You can apply for a Brighthouse life insurance policy online, although the form is longer than that of most major insurers.
  • Homeless with some health conditions: Smokers and those with high blood pressure and sleep apnea can access cheap rates.
  • Financial strength: Brighthouse is rated A (Excellent) with AM Best, which means it has the cash reserves to pay claims.


  • Limited alignment: Brighthouse only offers term and universal policies, and does not sell full or variable life.
  • Old school approach: You cannot update your beneficiaries, cancel your coverage, or file a claim online. Also, your policy documents will only be mailed.
  • Slow application process: Generally, applications can take up to a month to be approved.
Brighthouse Life Insurance Review
Brighthouse life Insurance Review

Customer Feedback And Complaints

Brighthouse Financial is not accredited to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but is rated A + for its customer interaction. The BBB has recorded 36 complaints in the past three years, all of which were promptly resolved by the insurer. A lot of the complaints focused on billing and communication issues.

In JD Power’s latest Brighthouse life insurance study. Brighthouse was ranked 17th out of 22 insurers surveyed. It received 2 out of 5 circles, which indicates that there is room for improvement in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

How do I register?

To purchase Brighthouse life insurance, you will need to find a personal financial advisor, if you don’t already have one. You can’t purchase a policy directly through Brighthouse.

However, Brighthouse does provide tips on how to work with an education financial advisor on its website.

How do I file a life insurance claim with Brighthouse?

If you are a beneficiary, your claim submission process begins online. These are the steps:

  1. Visit the Brighthouse site and click Support.
  2. Click Claims and Policy Service.
  3. Scroll down to Brighthouse life insurance. Click on Individual Life and Death Claim to download the PDF claim.

After completing the form, you will need to mail it to Bright house along with supporting documentation, such as a certified copy of the death certificate.

Brighthouse Financial vs. other Insurance companies Sample Monthly Rates.

20-year term Male for $1,000,000

CompanyAge 30Age 40Age 50Age 60
 Protective $33.97 $51.17 $142.33 $396.03
 Banner $37.84 $58.48 $140.61 $406.63
 AIG $34.95 $53.98 $144.80 $418.14
 Foresters $34.13 $56.00 $150.50 $438.38
 SBLI $35.24 $56.03 $147.73 $457.62
 Brighthouse Financial$38.61 $58.41 $154.71 $455.31
 Mutual of Omaha $37.80 $59.68 $161.18 $481.43
 Principal $38.50 $55.56 $147.88 $418.78
 Transamerica $39.56 $80.84 $178.02 $483.32
 Prudential $48.56 $70.44 $157.94 $467.69
Men Term Life Insurance

20-year term Female for $1,000,000 Coverage

CompanyAge 30Age 40Age 50Age 60
 Protective $28.81 $43.43 $101.91 $267.03
 Banner $28.72 $50.09 $110.51 $294.55
 AIG $28.89 $47.92 $117.12 $309.15
 Foresters $29.75 $47.25 $107.63 $322.88
 SBLI $29.67 $44.28 $104.57 $272.92
 Brighthouse Financial$32.31 $46.71 $113.31 $295.11
 Mutual of Omaha $31.68 $50.93 $119.18 $324.80
 Principal $32.16 $46.81 $108.94 $283.50
 Transamerica $32.68 $65.36 $139.32 $388.72
 Prudential $37.19 $59.94 $124.69 $319.81
Female term life insurance

*All rates quoted on this page are for a super preferred healthy individual who does not use tobacco. Monthly prices will be updated from July 2020 and must be approved by the subscription.

More about Brighthouse

Brighthouse Financial was founded by MetLife in January 2016 as a subsidiary company providing Brighthouse life insurance and annuity products. In 2017 it became an independent insurer.

Today Brighthouse reports more than 2 million current life and annuity policies and more than $ 220 billion in net worth.

In addition to life insurance products, Brighthouse offers the following annuity options:

  • Annuities linked to the index
  • Variable annuities
  • Fixed annuities
  • Income annuities

Brighthouse Life sounds like a new company. But only the name is new. The company dates back to the 1860s.

Cheap Life Insurance Companies

In the past century and a half, Brighthouse was known by its old name, MetLife. MetLife still offers other types of insurance, including Brighthouse life insurance policies built into employee benefit packages.

Brighthouse Life mainly caters life insurance policies for individual consumers, which is probably what you are looking for.

Each and every time you buy insurance, be sure to check the A.M. of the company. The best rating that predicts the financial stability of the company.

Brighthouse takes a look with A.M. It is best to get an A + rating. The Better Business Bureau also rates Brighthouse A +.

These rankings measure Brighthouse’s financial stability and reputation in relation to existing customers, both of which are important charts to check.

But these ratings do not measure whether the Brighthouse company would be your best option. To answer that question, we will have to dig a little deeper.

  • Brighthouse Life Insurance Review and Quotes Rates.