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Prepaid Cremation

What is Prepaid Cremation?

Prepaid cremation is a form of agreement between the two parties regarding client cremation. Includes an iron contract with a built-in funding mechanism established by state regulations.

Cremation According to state rules, the provider must establish a state regulated trust to refuse payment until this service occurs after death. This is stated in the contract and guarantees that both parties will be on the same page in the future. Once a contract is approved, it is processed at the time of death at no additional cost to the survivor.

Prepaid Cremation

Prepaid Cremation For Senior Citizens

Many people want to save their family members’ time and money, even after they are gone. If this sounds like you, then you might be considering prepaid cremation for seniors over 80 to 90 age.

Prepaid cremation for elderly allows a person to organize and pay for the disposal of their own body. You can give your family less worry in your time of pain and emotional loss.

But are prepaid cremation services right for you? Find out everything you need to know about prepaid cremation, including the cost, the pros and cons, and the entire process, below.

Why Prepaid Cremation?

Pre-planning for direct cremation for seniors. Let’s be honest; if someone asks you, “what is the benefit of pre-cremation planning?” you would probably answer simply: “helps prevent errors.” This is true in all areas of our lives; When we take the time to plan ahead, we can save time, energy, and of course; often planning ahead can also save us money.

This is especially true for the pre-planning of direct cremation. If we agree with the answer to the question “why plan ahead?” It is easy to see the enormous value of pre-planning cremation and final expense services.

Top 10 Cremation and Funeral Services in USA:-

Sl No.Service ProvidersCountrySince
1.Neptune SocietyUnited States1973
2.National CremationUnited States1973
3.Neptune Society of Northern CaliforniaUnited States
4.Trident SocietyUnited States
5.Cremation Society of VirginiaUnited States
6.Advantage FuneralUnited States
7.Batesville ServicesUnited States1884
8.Carriage ServicesUnited States
9.Del Angel networkUnited States
10. cremation.orgUnited States
Insurance Companies List

Other benefits of direct cremation before planning.

Certainly, every time we try to plan ahead we benefit. Not only can we save valuable time and energy (and not forget money); But there are other real benefits to direct cremation planning, not just for us, but for those we love.

Advantage no. 1:

Because you had the foresight to plan ahead, your family will not be forced to make emotionally difficult decisions about cremation planning after you leave. There is no more difficult task than planning for cremation when the pain is fresh; Sadness, confusion and fatigue can make clear and determined thinking virtually impossible. Their predictions saved them from a heart task and gave them much needed time to share their pain and gain emotional support from others.

Advantage no. 2:

As you take the time to plan ahead, you (and your family) will have more peace. Is there anything more valuable than peace? We are reminded of an excerpt from Valli Lamb’s book: I know this is true: “If I could write it down on paper, maybe I could sleep well, eat some of your dinner. Maybe she could have a minute of peace. In writing your last wishes, you actually gave your loved ones more than a minute of peace; You have given hours, days, weeks, and even years of peace. How priceless a gift.

Advantage no. 3:

If you decided to pay upfront for your direct cremation, you were effectively saving some of your family’s hard-earned money. The National Association of Funeral Directors has published a “Bill for Pre-Funeral Planning” which states: “Before you make any decision to pre-plan or refinance funeral goods or services or to sign a previous funeral contract, please ask any questions regarding the planning process. “According to this enforcement organization. A funeral professional you meet to plan for direct cremation should provide you with:

Detailed list of prices of goods and services before you decide
A written statement stating all the goods and services you purchased (together with the prices of each) at the end of the cremation conference
A written agreement before need that explains in a clear language your rights and obligations.

Prepaid Funeral Plan Over 80 to 90 Age

How to Buy a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

If alternatives to prepaid or prepaid funeral planning are not an option, and you are more comfortable working with a proper funeral home, we have some helpful tips and questions to ask in your search.


  • Search for and get comparative quotes from different funeral homes.
  • Review the remaining positive and negative reviews for the funeral home online.
  • Visit the funeral home’s website, if they have one, to get acquainted with their business and the services they offer.
  • Make sure you read the contracts carefully and look for any fine print
  • Get the advice of a legal professional, such as a real estate planning attorney.

How much does prepaid cremation cost?

A prepaid cremation generally costs almost as much as a standard cremation. However, the cost may be less if the company offers prepaid discounts for seniors.

More rural areas with lower populations also offer lower prices. If you’re preparing your own cremation. It’s worth taking time to shop around for a good price.

Sl No.PlansPrice {Monthly}
1.Funeral Insurance$50 / Mo
2.Burial Insurance$50 / Mo
3.Final Expense Insurance$30 to $70 / Mo
4.Prepaid Cremation $3000
Burial Insurance Pricce

Here are some other factors that can affect the cost of your prepaid cremation:

  • Direct Cremation: The least expensive cremation option is direct cremation. Direct cremation is when a body goes directly to the crematorium in the days after death. There is no embalming or funeral in advance. The cost of a direct cremation generally ranges from $ 600 to $ 1,000.
  • Traditional cremation: Traditional cremation is similar to traditional burial, but the body undergoes cremation rather than being buried in a coffin. The funeral home often embalms the body so that it can be viewed at a funeral service. The family generally rents out a coffin, and there are many more associated fees. Traditional cremation costs an average of around $ 5,000.
  • Urn or ash box: Another consideration to keep in mind if you are prepaying for cremation is what your family should do next. If you want your ashes to stay with a loved one, you should consider paying in advance or buying an urn. Decorative ash urns and drawers vary greatly in cost, from $ 10 to over $ 500. Get burial insurance for seniors here.

Funeral Price Checklist

Make copies of this page and check with various funeral homes to compare costs. Get Free Quotes About Prepaid Cremation Insurance For Seniors Over 50 to 80 Years Old People.

“Simple” disposition of the remains:

  • Immediate burial __
  • Immediate cremation __
  • If the cremation process is additional, how much does it cost? __
  • Donation of the body to a medical school or hospital __

Full-service “traditional” burial or cremation:

  • Basic services fee for funeral director and staff __
  • Body collection __
  • Embalming __
  • Other body preparation __
  • Less expensive coffin __
  • Description, including model # __
  • External burial container (vault) __
  • Description __
  • Visits / visits – personnel and facilities __
  • Funeral or memorial service – staff and facilities __
  • Grave service, including staff and equipment __
  • Hearse __
  • Other vehicles __
  • Total __

Other services:

  • Forward the body to another funeral home __
  • Receiving the body of another funeral __
  • Cemetery / mausoleum costs:
  • Lot or crypt cost (if you don’t already have one) __
  • Perpetual care __
  • Open and close the tomb or crypt __
  • Tomb lining, if needed __
  • Marker / monument (including configuration) __

Questions to ask:

  • Is there a payment plan or is it necessary to pay in full in advance?
  • If payments are allowed, is the price guaranteed or can the costs be increased in later years?
  • Do they allow warranties to be granted or do customers have to be named?
  • what happens if you move?
  • Is the refund policy?
  • also what happens if a funeral home is sold and ownership changes?
  • What happens to unused money after the funeral?

Family communication is important

One of the most important tips we can offer is to communicate your plans with your family and loved ones. Don’t wait to plan before it’s too late. Having a well-designed plan can greatly eliminate stress as well as any significant financial burden.

Outside your funeral planning, make sure you have a written will. This document in itself can provide detailed guidance on what your wishes are and how they will be realized after your departure. The will is another document that should be discussed with family and loved ones.

Prepaid funeral plans and what suits you

Only you and your family can decide whether prepaid funerals plans over 85 are the best decision. If you are worried about your funeral organization, unpaid pre-planning can also help. Preplanning will allow you to find the peace of mind you need, knowing that you have helped your family make decisions before mourning your death.

Want to know more about the life insurance policies your funeral arrangement can pay for? Check out our below link for more information on how life insurance for seniors works and how your family can receive death benefits to pay for your funeral.

Pros and cons of prepaid cremation

Prepaid cremation may seem obvious. You can save your family time and money while grieving the loss of your loved one. And prepaid for cremation has many benefits.

However, prepaid cremation services are not suitable for everyone. In some cases, they may end up creating more stress than they help eliminate.

Below are some of the most important pros and cons of prepaid cremation to consider.


  • Discounts As mentioned, prepayment for cremation may or may not save you and your family money. This depends on the cremation service provider you choose for over 80, 85, 90 age, as well as the type of service you want. However, you can often negotiate a lower price on cremation by paying in advance.
  • Avoid inflation. Paying in advance offers the benefits of investment. The cost of cremation will increase each year with inflation. By paying cremation now and not using the service for another 15 years, you will have saved a good amount of money.
  • Pay in installments. Another financial benefit of prepaid cremation over 80 age is that you can pay off over time. The cost may be higher overall, but the initial financial burden is less.
Stress Saving
  • After saving money, reducing stress is the main reason people choose prepaid cremation. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, you may have had to arrange for cremation services while grieving. You may want to spare your loved ones that same unpleasant chore.
  • Power of choice. Another crucial factor is that you can decide what happens to your body after death. You can create an end of life plan without paying in advance. But making the payment yourself ensures that your family goes with the exact service provider and options that you select over 80, 85, 90 age.


  • Loss of agreement. The first thing that can go wrong with prepaid cremation is that you lose your deal. There is no guarantee that the service provider will keep a copy of your signed agreement and receive it on hand. And that means they may refuse to provide the service you paid for.
  • Overload You must be diligent when buying prices for prepaid cremation. Just because you pay in advance doesn’t mean you automatically get a better price. Some cremation providers will increase the price based on inflation or other factors.
  • Lack of communication with family members. Another common mistake with prepaid cremation is forgetting to inform your family members. It can be difficult to broach the subject of funeral preparations with your family, but it is important to do so. Otherwise, they won’t know which prepaid cremation over 90 provider.
Refusal to fulfill the agreement.
  • The prepaying cremation provider may refuse to honor the agreement for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, there is not much that your family members can do to get a refund for the money you prepay.
  • The supplier is oversold. An example of a reason the provider could simply refuse to honor the agreement is if it is oversold. If the cost of cremation has increased since you paid, especially, they are likely to serve customers who pay more first.
  • Change of products and services. The services and products provided by the crematorium may also change. You may have purchased a package with them that no longer exists, and there may not be a clause included on how to replace something else.
  • The provider closes. Finally, the cremation service provider may close. When this happens, you or your family are unlikely to receive a notice or a refund.

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