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Affordable Sears Life Insurance Review

Many Sears citizens are looking for ways to cut expenses. One area you shouldn’t skimp on is life insurance. A reliable life insurance policy will protect your family’s future, so it is important. To search for an affordable life insurance provider in Sears.

You will generally get the best prices in your 20s and 30s. This is because an insurer takes less risk in insuring a young person in good health. However, good quality and affordable coverage is available in a wide variety of age groups.

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Sears Life Insurance Review

Insurance Company is a corporation that was incorporated on 1956-05-04. The insurance company is a life insurance company with assets of $ 73,664,364. Capital of $ 2,500,000 and net income of $ 48,668,548.

Sears life insurance company’s president is Dava Sherill Carson, the treasurer is Paula Dee Larkin, and the secretary is Gregg Henry Lehman.

Affordable Sears Life Insurance Review

Life Insurance Company is based in Fort Worth. TX and the Sears Life Insurance Company claims, customer and service telephone number.

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Sears Cancels Retiree

Retired Sears workers went blind in March in 2020 when the company abruptly canceled its insurance benefits.

These were some of the final perks for Sears retirees, said Ron Olbrysh. Part of the National Association of Retired Sears Employees. NARSE had a lot of difficulty to protect the benefits of some 90,000 retirees. As the company Sears fell into bankruptcy and declined for the past 20 years. Olbrysh did not have precise figures on how many lose life insurance.

For many, the policies Sears provided were their only life insurance. The company mostly offered a benefit between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000, Olbrysh said.

“It is not a huge amount, but it is still a benefit for retirees,” he said.

Sears premiums

An amount of $16.6 million in premiums in 2017, according to Olbrysh. Sears’ attorneys did not respond to a request for comment.

The company has given retirees the option of converting policies into life-long private policies. But their premiums are not affordable, said Olbrysh. An 81 years old NARSE member said he would pay more than $ 3,000. One year premiums for such a policy, said Olbrysh.

“That is not competitive at all,” he said.

Convert your current Sears policy

If you still need coverage, you can convert your existing policy to a more expensive life insurance policy.

With an exchange option, Sears retirees can convert their policy into a full insurance policy. Regardless of their state of health, provided they submit their application within the given timeframe.

A complete sears life insurance policy provides you with a lifetime coverage with payments that are much higher than group term rates.

When you convert group life insurance to personal policy. The biggest benefit is the ability to convert without a medical exam.

This is really great for people who need insurance but cannot get a policy due to serious medical issues.


Sears Holdings Corporation is terminating the Sears Retiree Group’s life insurance plan (the “Plan”). This provides life insurance benefits to eligible retirees and their affiliates.. Termination will take effect on March 15, 2019.

The plan benefits are currently given under group insurance policies issued to Sears by Securing Financial Group, and the company Allstate Life Insurance, which are being terminated.

Securian has informed us that they will have the option to convert their coverage into customized Sears life insurance. In force from March 15, 2019 at your own expense

In the next few days, Securing will send you information about your conversion option. Enjoy the life insurance meme here And the cost of this coverage.