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Life Insurance For Seniors in Compare Rates and Save Money Up To $700 Instantly

Senior life insurance is a type of Whole life insurance that older people usually buy to cover funeral expenses and other expenses when they die.

Unlike any other life insurance policy, the policy only covers between $10,000 and $35,000. Get free compare rates quotes that save you money and time.

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 50

If you are looking for the best senior life insurance as you approach or enjoy retirement, you have come to the right place. Many older people think that they are not insurable after the age of 60, but this is far from true.

While you may have fewer or more life insurance options than your children or grandchildren, many large life insurance companies offer coverage that suits your needs. To help you find quality coverage, we’ve looked at the best life insurance options for seniors.

Assuming you are a healthy non-smoker seeking $250,000 coverage, You can expect higher life insurance over 55 to 80 age rates near the following ranges:

Age(yrs) Male($ per month) Female($ per month)
55 – 60$41 – $64$32 – $51
60 – 65$64 – $109$51 – $73
65 – 70$109 – $191$73 – $124
70 – 75$191 – $351$124 – $239
75 – 80$275 – $415$188 – $342
Rates of Life Insurance Over 55 to 80 Years Old Age

**The premiums are not guaranteed and will vary based on coverage needs, geographic location, health and other factors.

How to Choose The Best Cover for You?

When looking for life insurance deals for the elderly, it is important to remember that at the end of your life you will need to purchase enough coverage to meet your personal financial needs.

Such as: B. Funeral expenses and hospital bills. With many policies, you receive a fixed premium for the duration of the policy. This is the benefit that facilitates the budget of this senior policy when your income is constant or limited.

Senior life insurance
Senior life insurance

The life insurance calculator can tell you how much life insurance you need to avoid overbuying or coverage that doesn’t give you adequate protection.

Planning ahead and considering the financial decisions you might want to make later in life can be helpful when trying to decide between options for senior life insurance.

What is The Best Life Insurance for People Over 60?

From the Age of 60 to 65, you can still apply for life insurance from most insurance companies. In this case, if you still qualify for age 65, we recommend Haven Life. The application process is the easiest and the prices are the lowest.

However, if you are 60 years old, you may not be able to apply for insurance with some of the companies listed above, including Haven. Mutual of Omaha offers insurance applications up to the age of 74.

If you are in your early 60s and think you want to convert the term life insurance to life insurance, visit State Farm.

Can You Buy Life Insurance After 65 Years?

Mostly, many life insurance for seniors companies offers policy options to people of almost any age, including senior life insurance. Few insurers Provide term policies to people over 70 and offer life policies to people up to 85 years.

So it may be easier than you think to look for a life insurance policy that provides you with peace of mind.

While most people can likely purchase a life insurance policy, it is important to know the different types of policies available to people 65 years of age and older.

That way, you can understand all the options available to you and you can choose the right type of life insurance for you and your loved ones, regardless of age.

What is The Best Life Insurance For People Over 70?

As noted above, Mutual of Omaha is inviting new life insurance applicants up to 74 years of age, with some applicants in North America being eligible up to 75 years of age.

Once you are 70, your decisions will be much smaller as a lot of companies have won.. “It does not allow you to apply for life insurance for seniors over 70 to 79. Therefore, you should check with these two companies if you are planning to take on a new policy.

If you already have a policy with a life insurance for seniors company that allows you, like a state farm, you may be able to renew your life insurance policy by age 70. If you do not find renewal options in your current terms policy, consider one of the few companies.

Senior life insurance over 70
Senior life insurance over 70

We have also seen that including Mutual from Omaha and North America, allows new applicants to apply after 70 years. Or, you are looking for more expensive life insurance for seniors options that may have even larger applicants.

What is The Best Life Insurance For People Over 80?

Life insurance companies do not allow you to apply for new life insurance for seniors over 80, Except for funeral insurance coverage only. This can be a useful and convenient cover option if you want to help your family with these expenses upon your death.

However, if you work for a company like State Farm, you can extend your existing policy for up to 80 years. And North America even has an appendix where coverage can be expanded to 120.

The main reason for this conclusion is that life insurance for seniors needs to be thought about and what they need well before they are 80 years old. Your options for new policies will become leaner after your 65th birthday and will be virtually non-existent in the late 1970s and beyond.

However, you can consider expanding your existing policies or adding a broker to these policies to add to your senior life insurance coverage for 80 years and more if that is tailored to your specific needs.

Senior Life Insurance No Exam Quotes

How to get a senior life insurance policy over 80 without a medical exam?

It is possible to get a policy that has instant coverage even for people 80 years old.

Here’s the only way to do this …

  • You do not have to take the exam, but you do have to complete a health questionnaire.
  • There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Any policy of any company that does not ask for health will always have 2-3 years waiting times.
  • Understand that some websites will lie to you directly about how to get them to click or call.
  • It’s sad but true. They only do this to make money (they pay for it when you call or click the “get a price” button).

Again, you need to apply to a company where you answer health questions and then you are approved.

You may be wondering …

Why do you have a job with an agent instead of dealing directly with an insurance company?

life insurance company for seniors
life insurance company for seniors

Life Insurance Rates by Age

Life Ins Plans that have health issues are only sold through authorized agents. They do not offer these plans directly.

If you ever contact life insurance for seniors company directly (without speaking to a representative) it is a guaranteed acceptance plan that does not present any health issues.

Again, guaranteed release plans without health issues are not immediately covered. They all have a 2-3 year waiting clause (no exceptions).

Sl. NoCompanyPrice/moPolicy TypeWhy You Choose
1.AARP$290Non-level term $100K No exam• Explicitly designed for older people.
• Backed by New York Life
2.Banner Life$140Final Expense $15000• No final exam fees after 50 years
• Premiums only up to 90 years, coverage continues for life
3.State Farm$90Level term for 10 years $100K• Adjust coverage to the exact number of years
• Convert to permanent life up to 95 years.
4.AIG$120Guaranteed issue Whole life $15000• Competitive prices for older people.
• Excellent final expense insurance
5.Mutual of Omaha$260Guaranteed universal $100K• Excellent financial and customer service brands.
• Available until 85 years.
Top 5 Life Insurance Companies Rates and Ratings

Senior Insurance Plan FAQs:

When does your policy start?

We have seen that different final expense insurance companies have different policies that dictate when your policy will take effect. For example, some life insurance policies take effect immediately.

Others will not pay death benefits if they die within the first two years of their policies. Be sure to ask your open care senior plans insurance company about this important issue before purchasing a policy.

What if I have a medical condition?

Even with a medical condition, most can still qualify for life insurance. The life insurance for seniors company will review your unique circumstances, review your general health status and let you know if you qualify or not. In some cases, you will be issued a modified plan with higher premiums.

What happens if I die after my life insurance policy expires?

Unfortunately, the term life insurance for seniors policy only applies to the term it covers. So, if you buy a life insurance policy and die three months after the deadline, your beneficiaries will not receive the death benefit. When your term ends, you need to renew your policy to stay covered.

What if I waited too long to get a life insurance policy?

It is true that you get a good life insurance policy as you get older, but you can get certain types of life insurance for up to 80 years.

Older life insurance prices

If you are concerned about finding affordable, easy-to-qualify life insurance for seniors policy, consider purchasing a policy from Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance
Lincoln Heritage

We are the leading final cost insurance company in the country and are capable of qualifying most people, even those who have health problems.

We have been serving the elderly and their families since 1963. Best of all, our policies do not require a medical examination, just answer the health questions in our 1-page application below here.

Tips for Finding Cheap Life Insurance

Beyond the two basic principles mentioned above, there are also other ways you can lower your rate. Life insurance can be difficult to understand. Many companies analyze your health differently and also calculate risk in slightly different ways.

Following these steps is key to finding the cheapest life insurance for you.

Tip # 1: Quit smoking

When you stop smoking, you will be delighted with the amount of money you can keep in your pocket. Quitting tobacco use will also save you money on cheap life insurance. Of course, saving money is just the cherry on top of the benefits of not using tobacco; just think, you will have more cash to finance your long and healthy life.

Tip # 2: Lose weight

Saving money on life insurance for senior parents could give you the nudge you need to get serious about losing a few pounds. If your weight is within the medically classified as obese range, you will pay higher insurance rates than if you lost enough to enter a healthier weight category.

Tip # 3: Drive safely

Reckless driving that leads to collisions through fault on your driving record puts you in a higher risk category, which correlates to higher life insurance for seniors premiums.

Tip # 4: Avoid filing for bankruptcy

While circumstances beyond your control may compel you to file for bankruptcy, if you can prevent it from happening, you are likely to pay less for life insurance for senior citizens. A bankruptcy is considered a “credit attribute” that can actually indicate a tendency to make bad decisions and can also be a red flag for health problems.

Tip # 5: Choose your hobbies wisely

Life insurers consider their hobbies when calculating their eligibility and premiums. Risky activities like skydiving and scuba diving tend to hit the cousins ​​more strongly. Rock climbing, motorcycling, and even hunting can increase what you pay for. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth paying higher life insurance rates to maintain your hobby.

Tip # 6: Be honest

Life insurance for seniors companies are on the lookout for possible fraud, and if they find any lies on their application, they may begin to question the accuracy of other information, and that may be reflected in the price of their listing.

Also, if a claim is filed one day and you are found to be misleading in applying for your life insurance for seniors over 80 policy, hence, your beneficiaries may not receive the payment they were dependent on.

Cheap life insurance for seniors

Senior life insurance can be expensive, so if you have a limited budget for a policy, you are not alone. But you should know that the cheapest life insurance is not always the best option.

Life Insurance For Seniors Best Quote
Life Insurance

Cheap senior life insurance may seem attractive, but sometimes these policies end up costing you or your beneficiary more in the long run.

Graduated premium policies, for example, start with super-low monthly premiums that increase every year. And if you choose a cheap term life insurance policy when you really want a more expensive whole life policy. you could survive your coverage and never receive a benefit.

In summary, consider all the costs and benefits when choosing life insurance for seniors over 60 to 80 age before choosing the cheapest senior life insurance you can find.