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Sample Rates for Final Expense Senior Plans

A final expense program for the elderly is a type of life insurance plan that provides enough money. To pay for a person’s final expenses, including the cost of burial and funeral. These plans can provide guaranteed approval for anyone who meets the age requirements.

Sample Rates for Final Expense Senior Plans

Sample Rates for Final Expense Senior Plan

Rates start at $ 7.49 per month. (The $ 7.49 fee is for a $ 2,000 benefit for women, 50-year-old non-smokers, good health)

Senior Care Insurance Plans

Our SENIOR CARE plan is a FULL LIFE insurance that will help you pay FINAL EXPENSES. And give you and your family peace of mind. Your family may not be able to contribute between $8,000 and $12,000 to cover unexpected final expenses.

So it makes sense to get a low-contribution monthly plan that pays as little as $7.49 / month. to cover these expenses ($ 2,000 benefit for women, age 50 = $7.49 / mo.

GUARANTEED FIXED for life, if in good health at the time of policy purchase). The best part is that once you buy the policy, the RATES ARE SET FOR LIFE, so the younger you start. The cheaper and more affordable it will be.

For example, it’s only $15 to $25 per month for a 50-year-old to get a final expense policy (with the fixed price for the rest of their life). But if they choose to wait until they are well in their 70 instead 80 years, the cost will be much higher as you can see open care senior plan below. Save on the bottom line by signing up today!

Final Expense Insurance for Seniors

When we are younger and taking care of children or paying for a house, we are told to buy term life insurance. The benefit will cover our families if we pass away, and that is the only time we really need coverage.

We are told that, ideally, we should have paid our children at the end of the term. We should also pay for our house. In addition, we will have had time to pay debts and save savings for retirement.

Well that’s great, except life doesn’t always work that way. The savings that we take out a few pennies to save do not go as far as we think. Some of us lost our jobs and had to take out a second mortgage, so we still owe on our house.

Some of our children did not take off as fast as we thought they would, and we may even have them and their own children, depending on us. Also, we think it would be nice to leave something to them if we pass away, and we certainly didn’t want that something to be a funeral bill and other debt.

Burial Insurance Plans

Final expense insurance plans are also sometimes called burial policies. Basically, they are a form of comprehensive burial insurance that has been designed for middle-aged and elderly people. The face value is quite low, typically $2,500 to $25,000, so the premiums are typically affordable and the application process is short and painless.

The simplified issues policies ask very few health questions, so even seniors with some health concerns can qualify. Guaranteed issue policies don’t raise health questions at all, but they may not offer an immediate death benefit and are more expensive.

If you can qualify for simplified issue burial insurance plans. Don’t sell yourself out and buy the first guaranteed issue policy you see on TV! However, if you cannot qualify for a simplified issue policy, buying a guaranteed issue policy is not risky.

Funeral Insurance Policy

Most policies will not pay full face value before a 24-36 month waiting period, but will pay all premiums with interest if the insured person dies before that date.

So do you or your parents need a final expense policy? Well, if you and your children have a lot of cash in the bank, you may not have it. A funeral can cost between $8,000 and $11,000 or more, so consider that someone will have to pay as a big expense during a stressful time.

Beyond the funeral, your family may have to consider travel expenses, medical bills, and other debts. These funeral insurance policies can provide the cash to ease that burden, at least.

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